Transfer Domain From Yahoo Small Business to AmbitionHost

Transfer Domain From Yahoo Small Business to AmbitionHost

In this article, I will explain to you, how to transfer your domain from Yahoo Small Business to AmbitionHost.
Please follow our following steps:-
Step 1: Click here to log in to Yahoo Small Business.
Step 2: Then Click on “Online”
Step 3: Then Click on “Domains”
Step 4: See Locking Option – Unlocked (make domain unlock)
Step 5: See Authorization Code -> View -> Then click on – “Follow these steps.”-> Copy Authorization Code
Step 6: Now come back to the AmbitionHost Transfer Page – click here
Step 7: Put Domain Name & Authorization Code and add to cart.
Step 8: Domains Configuration – If you want to update your name server, then put your name server or simply leave them default.
Step 9: Apply Promo Code* -> Checkout-> Register or Login & Complete Payment Process.
Step 10: Domain Transfer Process can take up to 5-7 days, within these days, If you received notification in your email, simply accept the transfer or ignore them, Transfer Process will be automatically complete.

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While Transfering domain, your website will not be down even for 1 single second. If your domain is connected to Blogger, then first connect the domain to Cloudflare. then start the transfer process.

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Read about Cloudflare.
Watch Video in Hindi.
Contact Support Team.

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